Recently, Criminal Defense Attorney Steven L. Spitler assisted a client falsely accused by an ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend of:

  • Aggravated Burglary (O.R.C. 2911.11(A)(1);
  • Aggravated Menacing (O.R.C. 2903(A); and
  • Domestic Violence (O.R.C. 2919.25(C)

The client was accused of sneaking into the home of his ex-girlfriend and hiding under her bed with a large knife.  However, he was not there.  The police and SWAT team searched the residence and failed to find the client.  The Wood County Prosecutor’s office still sought charges on the claim that he fled the residence before the authorities arrived. 

Criminal Defense Lawyer Steven L.  Spitler met with and consulted with his client and to prepare the strongest possible defense.  These were very serious charges with a possible sentence of 20-30 years in prison if found guilty.  Attorney Spitler and his legal team thoroughly investigated the matter, interviewed alibi witnesses and provided vigorous representation. 

Even with the testimony of alibi witnesses stating that the client was not at the scene of the alleged crime, the prosecution continued to pursue these serious charges.  Unwilling to accept plea deals that would have resulted in a substantial prison term, the client and Attorney Steven L.  Spitler proceeded to jury trial. 

At the three-day jury trial Attorney Steven L. Spitler zealously represented his client.  Two lines of opposing testimony were present for the jury, the ex-girlfriend and boyfriend saying the client was there and committed the offenses and our client and the two alibi witnesses stating he was not there.  The criminal defense trial experience of Attorney Steven L. Spitler was able to prove to the jury that this whole incident was a fabrication.

At the conclusion of the trial, the jury deliberated for less than 20 minutes before returning a verdict of NOT GUILTY.  These accusations against the client could have resulted in a serious prison sentence, for a crime he did not commit.  By making the wise choice to retain a highly skilled criminal defense lawyer, the client was able to go home to his family and not have to serve prison time for something he did not do.

Criminal defense attorney Steven L. Spitler of the Spitler Huffman LLP. law firm has 23 year’s experience in the area of criminal defense including robbery, burglary, domestic violence/assault, OVI, Drug Trafficking,  Drug Possession and other related felony and misdemeanor offenses.  Located in Bowling Green, Wood County Ohio, Steven L. Spitler is a premier attorney serving clients across Northwest Ohio.  

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