Public Utility and Government

Attorneys: Rex Huffman, Diane Huffman

Water and Sewer Utility Law: Spitler Huffman, LLP actively assists county commissioners and political subdivision leaders in the formation and administration of 6119 water and sewer districts in the region.  These districts can be an effective tool in dealing with an area’s water, sewer, and stormwater issues.

Our firm is knowledgeable regarding public contracts, project financing, land acquisition and development, and dealing with regulatory compliance issues.  We currently represent several water and sewer districts in Northwest Ohio which serve tens of thousands of customers in both urban and rural areas.  Our approach focuses on results and helping districts provide the best quality product at the lowest possible cost to your customers.  Whether your district is already formed and is seeking representation or you want to know how a district can help your constituents,  our firm can provide cost-effective counsel tailored to your specific needs.

Governmental Law: Spitler Huffman, LLP also represents a county Port Authority, which has secured hundreds of millions of dollars of investment over the last decade in Wood County alone.

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