Attorneys: Robert Spitler, Nathaniel Spitler, Diane Huffman, Rex Huffman

Whether you are applying for immediate Medicaid coverage, want to protect your home and assets in the event you or a family member is in need of nursing home care or want to protect your assets from the Estate Recovery Program, proper planning is necessary to avoid the pitfalls of the Medicaid system. Our attorneys specialize in asset protection and preservation from all creditors.

We provide representation in both the application process for Medicaid coverage and planning through trusts and transfers to minimize client financial exposure to the Ohio Medicaid program. Our system can allow you to:

  • Keep control of your assets until death
  • Retain all income from your assets
  • Permit use of your assets during life
  • Ensure qualification to Medicaid in the shortest period of time
  • Maximize income and estate tax treatment

If you are concerned about losing control of your assets, being forced to sell real estate, penalty periods and leaving a legacy for your family, let us help you navigate the Medicaid process.

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